In Tunis it is said that the jasmine bouquets, machmoum, are picked very early in the morning while they are still in bud to be sure that they don’t forget about the dreams they had in the night. Once you get home if you put them on a copper plate, they will begin to open up slowly, remembering of the night, and they will whisper to you of their white dreams. What Tunisians have called the Dignity Revolution, Thawrat el-Karam, has been -and is- often called the Jasmine Revolution by the western media, even though the latter has already been used after Ben Ali’s coming to power. In 2010, following the protests, the country went through a brutal period marked by death and wounds, which in the end caused a great social and political disorder. Six years later in an april; this was the image of Tunis. This series was developped spontaneously during a trip to Tunisia.